The CEO Roundtable’s Second Quarterly Meeting “A great success” Say Attendees

Jun - 19

The CEO Roundtable’s Second Quarterly Meeting “A great success” Say Attendees

Chicago, IL (June 18, 2014)―The CEO Roundtable – a unique coaching service for graphic communications industry CEOs – held its second quarterly meeting in Chicago on June 12.
Members called the program “a great success.” Tim Boucher, CEO of B Squared, New York City said:

“The first day I sat down to use the Roundtable’s approach was my best day in business for the past thirteen years. Not only did I find $100,000 in immediate savings, but it gave me clarity in evaluating my other priorities.”

The CEO Roundtable is presented by NAPL and RH Rosen Associates, and sponsored by Manroland Sheetfed. The program is designed to help members bring new ways of thinking to their most important managerial issues. Built around quarterly one-day face-to-face sessions in Chicago, the program offers CEOs ideas on maximizing profits from their current business while they’re transforming their companies for the future.

Sessions provide members with a range of tools they can immediately put to use in making better choices for their companies.

John Cockrell, Jr, President of Cockrell Enovation, Fort Worth reported:

“The Roundtable is a terrific way to get the help we need in finding a new path for our company. After all, if we’re transforming our company, maybe it’s time for us to do a little transforming ourselves.”

The meetings are presented by Bob Rosen of RH Rosen Associates, author of the groundbreaking book, The Graphic Arts CEO; Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D., NAPL President & CEO; and Mike Philie, NAPL Senior Vice President Managing Director Business Advisory Group.

Members can also take advantage of Virtual Office Hours – an opportunity to have private phone conversations to discuss their issues of special interest or concern. In addition, there are quarterly web-based update sessions – to help keep members on-track between meetings.

For more information on the CEO Roundtable, go to or contact Bob Rosen at (917) 863-5302 (, Joe Truncale at (201) 394-8160 (, or Mike Philie at (301) 466-5896 (