Why attend AMSP Conferences?

You’re operating in the new media marketing era. It’s noisy and it’s crowded. Your client’s email inboxes are overflowing, and their options are overwhelming. How do you make your company stand out from the competition?

Bombarding your prospects with an unending stream of sales messages is not the answer. The answer is learning to do things better. For more than four years, AMSP conferences have stressed change and the importance of reinventing companies to be relevant in today’s business environment. Those who have embraced transition still need to make adjustments along the way to make sure they stay on course. Those who are just getting started need a road map to help guide the way. Business reinvention isn’t a destination – it’s an ongoing journey.

Each year you should reevaluate your current plan and determine if it is working. So whether you have just started out on the road to reinvention, or if you have already changed your brand and business model – these conferences provide the insight and course corrections to stay on track.

These conferences are all about helping your business move forward and navigate in an exciting, and often frustrating world.

Upcoming Conferences and Educational Opportunities

AMSP offers a variety of educational opportunities to educate its members and the industry. These opportunities include conferences, webinars, workshops, recorded sessions and on-site consulting. Listed below are all the current choices:

  • Conferences – These national events bring together industry professionals from across the country to learn, network, collaborate and share perspectives on issues that are relevant to business success.
    The next conference is the annual Conference in Milwaukee, WI, June 9 – 12,
  • Webinars provide an educational opportunity in the convenience of your own office.
    CLICK HERE for current schedule.
  • New! – The Postal Points Webinars
    If youre an AMSP member that receives Postal Points and youd like to get even more value from it, then attend the The Postal Points Webinars.
    Go HERE for more information.
  • Workshops on key topics important to the industry, such as Fulfillment or Postal.
    Check here for current offerings.
  • Chapter Meetings are also great educational opportunities in small, local settings.
    Check HERE for your next local meeting
  • Consultants – Onsite analysis and recommendations.
  • Sales Training – Highway 52
  • Do you have expertise to share at an AMSP Conference or Chapter Meeting?
    GO HERE to submit a Presentation Proposal.