Membership Benefits

There are four key benefits to becoming a member of the Association of Marketing Service Providers.

What Can Being a Member Do for You?

AMSP membership provides you with valuable industry news, insight, and advice. Not only will you receive the information, you can also add your key staff to the mailing list for PostScripts, Postal Points, and the AMSP list serve. The list serve is one of the most effective venues for quickly solving operational problems. There are also industry studies and surveys produced by AMSP that benchmark valuable information to help you align your company with industry standards.

There are several benefits to during an AMSP’s educational conferences and other meetings lets you network face-to-face with your peers to exchange ideas about common challenges. You can also participate on one of the AMSP’s committees or a peer group – but, if you can’t attend, there is always the “virtual” networking opportunity using the list serve, an e-mail based discussion thread in real time, or the website.

Education and Events
Until you attend a conference, you cannot appreciate what a great resource AMSP can be for you and your company. Not only do you get a topnotch classroom education, you also have an opportunity to experience the sharing nature of our organization, which is the true essence of belonging to an association. Plant tours, roundtables, receptions, and comfortable conversations with peers are always rated as the most appreciated benefits. It’s not unusual for conversations on a bus ride or over a meal to develop into lifelong friendships and business relationships.

The association plays an important role in representing members’ views on critical issues. AMSP meets regularly with key Postal Service Headquarter staff, and is in regular contact with the Postal Regulatory Commission and other influential panels. This active involvement has successfully protected and advance members’ interests on a variety of major topics. AMSP also has industry experts available to give members advice on fulfillment operations, postal questions, or employment and HR issues.

If your company is serious about succeeding and wants to align with a professional organization that has been supporting the industry and its members for years, you should consider joining the Association of Marketing Service Providers.